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Use Adhiro - Prevent Bad Hires

Are you in the process of hiring one or more employees for your company? Are you wondering which steps you can take to avoid making a bad hire? Are you concerned that you’ll go down the wrong path, thus costing your company both time and money?

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Smart business owners know the best investment any company can make is hiring the right people.

Good employees will work hard, be your brand ambassadors, and create a culture of mutual trust & friendship for your business. On the other hand, a bad employee can be poisonous, spreading negative attitudes that can be disastrous in the way your team interacts and works. Eventually, this poor fit will negatively affect profit and growth.

We help you spare your company the negative effects of resume & job application fraud & let you know the facts about your favorite candidate before you have come to own him, love him, train him, and integrate him only to find that he and his credentials are fraudulent.

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Unethical Employees

Cheating by employees has grown in scale and size to badly impact the industry as a whole.

Why employees repeat unethical behavior? Why employees behave badly, again and again? Because we let them do what they want to do, but will no more.

Adhiro is the only platform where you can find the details of employees who are interested in cheating rather than contribution, before you hire them.

Fraud Resumes & Profiles

Resume fraud has reached a proportion where it threatens India’s image as preferred offshore location.

People produce false certificates on company letter-heads, including salary certificates, lie about bonuses earned and reasons for leaving previous jobs and produce false references.

Join us to spare your company the negative effects of resume and job application fraud.

Multiple Job Offers

What to say and do when employees obtain and exploit job offers from multiple employers? And, how can you tell if your employee is just bluffing to get a raise?

Candidates typically want to keep as many job options open for as long as possible. Offer decline, no shows, run away are major challenges for any organization today.

Learn the facts about your favorite candidate before you own him.

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